How to make a logo: basic principles and rules

Let’s see what a logo is and what qualities it should have.

What is a logo

A logo is a unique sign or symbol that provides recognition in the market. Similar symbols are used by various commercial and non-commercial companies, government organizations, as well as individuals. The logo is also applied as a trademark to various products.

What is it for

The logo is needed to form the image – people usually identify the brand by it and form the first impression about it. It serves several other purposes:

  • stand out from competitors,
  • protection of goods from counterfeits,
  • reflecting the values ​​of the company
  • creating positive associations with customers,
  • increase the loyalty of not only consumers, but also partners.

Types of logos

There is a standard classification of logos:


These logos consist only of a picture that reflects the essence, values ​​or principles of the company. This type is less common on the market, but it is remembered better. Such emblems may contain various signs and symbols, abstract elements or key characters of the company.
Examples of graphic type logos


On such signs, on the contrary, only text is indicated, there are no graphic elements. But this is not a simple text, but a stylized company name. At the same time, the inscription stands out for the most part in a beautiful font. In turn, this type of logo, in accordance with the names used, is divided into abbreviations (abbreviations) and full words, trademark names.
Examples of logo text type


Such a logo contains both text and graphic elements. This also includes emblems in which the text is inside the image.

Signs of a good logo

We decided on the type of the future sign, now we need to think over its idea. What are the characteristics of a good logo?

  • Simplicity. The logo is not a puzzle. Yes, it sometimes carries a lot of meanings. But even so, it should be immediately recognized and remembered as easily as possible. It is desirable that even with a strong reduction, the general image and some important details are clearly visible.
  • Uniquenes. In no case should a company or product mark resemble that of competitors. And non-unique signs are much harder for potential customers to remember.
  • Relevance. It is not recommended to insert any elements related to a specific time into the logo. Especially if you plan to stay on the market for at least 10 years. Yes, there are times when large, perennial brands change emblems, but this comes at a high cost. And if the changes do not bring originality or change the meaning of the logo to the opposite, then customers will not be able to recognize it.
  • Versatility. It is important that the developed logo looks harmonious both on the Internet and in printing. To do this, you need to look at how the sign looks in a reduced and enlarged form, as well as in black and white.
  • Associativity. It should not always be used. But thanks to this quality, buyers form a clearer image associated with the specific goals and qualities of the company. And it is important that it matches what you yourself want to broadcast to the public.

Here, for example, associations with lines and figures: horizontal lines symbolize peace and tranquility, and vertical lines symbolize strength and endurance. The square is associated with strength and constancy, the triangle with knowledge and sometimes leadership, curved lines with adaptability. The round sign means mutual understanding, unity, and the ring means strength and determination.

Principles of creating a logo

Almost all creative tasks require a systematic approach for their successful completion. Logo design is no exception. This whole process can be arranged in several stages:

  • Goal formulation. First, there is an analysis of the company’s activities, its main directions, advantages, and target audience are indicated. Then brainstorming begins, during which it is necessary to find and define words that most fully reflect these qualities. Be sure to write them down somewhere.
    No need to limit yourself, fix all options. Remember that everything ingenious is simple. But don’t just stop at the first idea, because usually the most obvious things come to mind first. Too pretentious must be discarded immediately, people may not understand your thought.
  • Determining the type of the future logo. Remember we talked about logo types? So, at this stage, choose one of these options.
  • Researching competitor options. Evaluate successful and unsuccessful examples of logos from competitors. Take a closer look at what details make them more visible and attractive.
  • Studying logos online for inspiration. Look at the signs of successful brands, determine what they have in common and what makes them stand out, what effect they produce on the target audience. Consider these ideas.
  • Start of work on your own logo. Based on the notes made, start creating a logo for the brand. Ideally, there should be several options. Consider the locations where the logo will most often be placed. For example, if a symbol is intended to be applied to the facade of a building, it must be in harmony with the environment.
  • Making edits. Give the logo to your friends for evaluation. Pay attention to the comments – if they disagree with the set principles, then the logo should be redone.

Do not overdo it with an abundance of small elements and winding lines, because when reduced, they will be poorly perceived or completely invisible. The font should be selected taking into account the ease of its reproduction on any material.

If a company works with foreign markets, its logo should be understandable for residents of the country in which it is planned to present the product. The created sign should not cause unpleasant associations in people – for this it is definitely worth exploring the characteristics of culture.

It is not recommended to use elements of other people’s logos, because the impression of customers about the company will be spoiled. I recommend that you first check the logo for uniqueness. To do this, you need to remove the text from it and set up an image search in the Google system.