6 services for creating a logo

Usually logos are made by designers using programs that work with vector graphics. For example, Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. This is because vector images are easily scaled without loss of quality.

If you want to make a logo yourself, but do not own these programs, use the following online services:

Placeit is a great service with a great set of templates. The principle of its work is as follows – enter the name of the company, select the area in which you work, and then select the template you like from the list. The service is available for $15 per month.
How to create a logo in Placeit;

Hatchful is somewhat similar to the previous service. You first choose the field of activity of the company, then the future visual style of the logo, enter the name of the company and the slogan.
We develop a sign using the Hatchful;

Logaster is also a great online logo creation tool, but in Russian. The same principle applies here: enter the name of the company, if desired, and the slogan, choose the type of future emblem, and at the end select keywords, icons and colors you like. True, without registering the logo you will receive only with watermarks.
Russian-language service Logaster for creating a logo online

Canva is a versatile tool for designers. If you wish, you can create a sign from scratch, finding and adding elements you like, or use ready-made templates.
Free Logo Generator with Canva;

Inkscape is an application for any desktop OS. The program has many options for creating logos.

LogoGarden is a good site in English where you can create your own logo. The service works as a full-fledged editor. Search for a symbol (you can search by category) and experiment with colors or text placement. The editor is easy to use and absolutely free.
How to Create a Brand Sign in LogoGarden Online Editor

Common mistakes when designing logos

Of course, mistakes are often made in the process of designing logos, this is normal. The most important thing is to notice and eliminate them in time, so that all the work does not go to waste. The most common mistakes:

  • Lack of versatility. Remember, we talked about the fact that the logo should look good both on paper (printing) and on the Internet? If it is not displayed clearly and attractively enough, customers simply will not remember the brand.
  • Use of stock icons. This error occurs most often, the use of low-quality images and in raster format is especially popular. It is very conspicuous and looks unprofessional.
  • “Push in the unpushable.” Perhaps this is how one can describe an attempt to fit too many meanings in one emblem. Do not try to reflect in one logo all the advantages and other positive qualities of the company. Choose a key idea, formulate a unique selling proposition and focus on it.
  • Using an ugly or incomprehensible font. Text should be easy to read at any size, on any screen or medium. It will be embarrassing if you choose a handwritten font that customers can’t read correctly.
  • Wrong selection of color combinations. Even the most harmonious geometric composition will be spoiled if the colors are not correctly combined in it. If you doubt whether the selected shades are suitable for each other, use special services.


In order not to “sit in a puddle” when designing a brand name, study and rethink the logos that you encounter on a daily basis. Remember that your logo should be easy to remember and reflect the core message of your company.