How to choose a color and font for a logo

How to choose a color for a logo

Now I will describe in a little more detail the process of choosing a color for the logo. The best would be to use two colors and their shades. The selection should be made, focusing on the psychology of color in branding. Let’s analyze the meaning of some popular colors:

Yellow in branding stands for positivity and friendliness. There is a lot of it in the design of McDonald’s fast food outlets – this color is present in the logo and packaging design next to red. This combination stimulates appetite and causes a feeling of hunger. Other firms that use yellow are National Geographic, IKEA, Tinkoff Bank, Nikon, and Shell.

Orange. It is used to convey trust. Color can be found in the logos of companies in which the majority of the target audience is young people. For example, Nickelodeon TV channel, Amazon, Firefox browser, Fanta drinks.

The red color is exciting. It is bright, immediately attracts attention, calls for action. Therefore, it can often be found on snack packages and in fast food restaurants. Some brands use it to convince users of the high speed of the service. Examples are the same McDonald’s, Coca Cola, KFC and Burger King, Netflix, LEGO, Heinz, MTS and so on.

Purple or violet is often associated with quality and exclusive things, creativity, imagination and even competence. For this reason, it is often found in brands with a creative approach to advertising. Purple examples include Cadbury, Hallmark, Milka, Viber, Twitch and Yahoo!

Blue is more perceived as a masculine color, although this is already a stereotype. It shows trust, strength, reliability, and therefore it can be found in the logos of companies operating in the digital industry. Examples are IBM, Facebook, Twitter, Dell, HP, Intel, General Motors and Visa.

We, of course, associate green with nature. Brands using this color in their logo want to communicate the naturalness and organic nature of their products. Green is also associated with peace, an active lifestyle, health or growth. The color is used by Animal Planet and Land Rover, Subway, WhatsApp, Starbucks, NVIDIA, Acer and Leroy Merlin.

There are also black and white combinations that convey the neutrality, calmness, balance and transparency of the brand. At the same time, the abundance of different colors in the emblem shows the versatility of the company.

How to choose a font for a logo

If you decide to create a text or combination logo for your brand, you must also choose a beautiful font. It is desirable that it be original, but you can also use free options available on the network.

In general, fonts are different – simple, with and without serifs, handwritten, decorative, etc. Serif letters are best at attracting and holding attention. Non-standard text options with different letter sizes can tell about the originality of the company. Some fonts used in logos are reminiscent of products in their format. Although decorative or handwritten text looks beautiful, it is often difficult to read, so many companies try to make emblems with a simple font.

Top 10 logo fonts

Next, I will show 10 free fonts that are suitable for use in a logo. All of them are freely available, but some will have to pay extra for commercial use, so be especially careful.

Atami. This font is experimental type, made in three-dimensional form. Perfect for use in geometric logos or for creating various unique inscriptions.
Font Atami and its variations for creating a logo

Vast Shadow. Victorian typeface with straight serifs.
Using Vast Shadow when creating logos

Musket is a minimalist version with small serifs. It is perfectly readable even with a small letter size.
Minimalistic Musket in development logo

FIBER. This is a handwritten vintage font. Although it is decorative, the letters are easy to recognize even if you enter words in all capital letters.
Handwritten font FIBER as an option when creating logos

Handletter is stylized as lettering style. It is a beautiful handwritten style with uniquely shaped letters.
Lettering style when using the Handletter font

Marske is a chic free stencil font. Supports Cyrillic.
Cyrillic variants in the Marske package for logo design

Calvin. Neat serif typeface. There are also uppercase, lowercase and numeric characters in the package. Looks great on printed products – postcards, posters, stationery and so on.
Original Calvin font for sign development

XPLOR. Animated and somewhat cartoonish style. For some reason, I don’t associate it with a serious image, but it is quite suitable for creative, children’s or entertainment products.
Font XPLOR with unique shapes when creating a logo

hero. Non-standard font with serifs, due to the slope looks extraordinary.
What the Hero font looks like and how it can be used in logo design

SLENDER. Somewhat elongated, slender font. It is universal, suitable for use in almost any field.