How to make a vector logo, what is it?

It should immediately be indicated why creating a logo in a vector is the most correct solution. This format is distinguished by high quality, brightness and clarity of colors, regardless of how the image has been scaled.

In simple words.

Vector graphics – a special graphics format that is built mathematically, formulas and magic 🙂

Popular vector graphics formats: SVG, AI, CDR, EPS, PDF

Raster graphics – pixels / cubes of a certain color lined up in some sequence.

Popular raster graphics formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, PSD

Easier picture:

comparison of vector and raster graphics

Logo to be. In vector

Of course, has the right to exist and raster format. But the range of benefits of vector logos is obvious, and it stems from their features. We briefly mentioned those earlier, but now we will tell in more detail.

When printing a logo on a small business card or a huge banner that is planned to be hung in front of an office entrance to attract customers, completely different levels of image scaling will be required. And in the case of the vector format, everything will remain just as clear. But the raster image technology is such that the text “stuffing” of the logo, when magnified many times, will turn into a set of pixels. And the inscription will be hard to read.

A distinctive feature of vector technology is a flexible structure, the image consists of mathematical formulas. As a result, it is easy to edit. There will be no problems with the change and its individual parts.
Are you planning to apply a logo image on leather, paper, cardboard and other media, using embossing or foiling technology? Vector format is up to date. It also easily adapts to the resolution of the printing device.
Are you going to design a logo and then put it on your hard drive until “better times”? A vector image will take up only a small amount of disk space. Only the main coordinate points are written to the file.
These are the main benefits that vector logo design provides. This format is adaptive by definition.

nuances of vector graphics
Relevance – always!
The company has “started”, and in order to gain a clear positioning in the market, the task is, among other things, to create a “brand face”? Or is there a rebranding ahead, and within its framework there is a need to draw a new logo?

The vector version of the logo is ideal for placement on:

  • Signboards, banners of any size
  • When branding transport
  • In any printed matter: business cards, flyers, letterheads
  • Clothing (uniforms, t-shirts)

With the help of our online service, you have the opportunity to independently develop a vector logo – a fundamental element of the company’s corporate identity. On favorable financial terms. The logo is created in a couple of minutes, the settings are intuitive. All elements of the logo – image, fonts, colors – are designed and selected by experienced designers.

Why is the decision to use our service the right one?

Yes, you can contact a web studio, transfer a considerable amount, fill out a detailed technical task for specialists and, after 2-3 weeks of waiting, receive a logo. But why make such sacrifices if you can save money and the main resource of our time is time? You can make a logo in vector format on our website, where there is a large palette of brand name elements for different business areas.

Choose the tariff “Business” or “Corporate style”. The finished logo is transferred in the popular SVG vector format. It also provides for the completion of the logo and other elements of corporate identity (business cards, letterheads and envelopes) within the framework of the relevant tariffs. It is possible to independently edit an already purchased logo for an unlimited time.

A vector logo will be accepted in any printing house, it is relevant for online promotion.